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CMLA PrePrints 2013

  • CMLA 2013-01
    Regularity of the Boltzmann Equation in Convex Domains
    (Y. Guo, C. Kim, D. Tonon, A. Trescases)
    Download PDF..

  • CMLA 2013-02
    Entropy, Duality and Cross Diffusion

    (Laurent Desvillettes, Thomas Lepoutre, Ayman Moussa)
    Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-03
    A low diffusive Lagrange-Remap scheme for the simulation of violent
    air-water free-surface flows

    (Aude Bernard-Champmartin,
    Florian De Vuyst)
    Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-04
    A lightweight three-phase Fluid Catalytic Cracking riser model for
    real-time simulation and interactive three-dimensional visualization
    (Florian De Vuyst, Laurent Desvillettes, Bruno Frogé, Jean-Michel Ghidaglia, Christophe Labourdette, Philippe Ricoux) Download PDF...
  • See also PP CMLA 2010-13

  • CMLA 2013-05
    Existence theory for the kinetic-fluid coupling when small droplets are treated as part of the fluid. (Saad Benjelloun, Laurent Desvillettes, Ayman Moussa) Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-06
    Duality and Entropy Methods in Coagulation-Fragmentation Models

    (L. Desvillettes, K. Fellner) Download PDF...
  • CMLA 2013-07
    Improved duality estimates and applications to reaction-diffusion equations (José A. Canizo, Laurent Desvillettes, Klemens Fellner)
    Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-08
    Derivation of a homogenized two-temperature model from the heat equation
    (L. Desvillettes, F. Golse, V. Ricci) Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-09
    Numerical simulations of degenerate transport problems (Florian De Vuyst, Francesco Salvarani)
    Download PDF..

  • CMLA 2013-10
    GPU-accelerated real-time visualization and interaction for coupled fluid dynamics (F. De Vuyst, C. Labourdette, C. Rey)
    Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-11
    Polynomial propagation of moments and global existence for a Vlasov-Poisson system with a point charge (Laurent Desvillettes, Evelyne Miot, Chiara Saffirio) Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-12
    About the Quasi Steady State Approximation for a Reaction Diffusion System Describing a Chain of Irreversible Chemical Reactions
    (F. Conforto, L. Desvillettes, R. Monaco) Download PDF...

  • CMLA 2013-13
    New results for triangular reaction cross diffusion system
    (Laurent Desvillettes, Ariane Trescases)
    Download PDF...


  • Matthieu Ancellin - application report
    Ecole Centrale de Paris - CMLA

    Macroscopic modeling and numerical simulation
    of the return to liquid-vapor equilibrium

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