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Pré-prints du CMLA 2010

PP CMLA 2010-01 (13 janvier 2010)

"Exact internal waves of a Boussinesq system."
Hai Yen NGUYEN, Frederic DIAS, Robert CONTE

PP CMLA 2010-02 (4 février 2010)

"Numerical study of the stopping of aura during migraine."
C. Pocci, A. Moussa, F. Hubert, and G. Chapuisat

PP CMLA 2010-03 (5 février 2010)

"A rainbow inverse problem." A. Blasselle, V. Calvez,
and A. Moussa

PP CMLA 2010-04 (6 février 2010)

"Properties of BV - G structures+textures decomposition models." J. Gilles and Y. Meyer

PP CMLA 2010-05 (31 mars 2010)

"An image curvature microscope."
Adina Ciomaga, Pascal Monasse, Jean-Michel Morel
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PP CMLA 2010-06 (31 mars 2010)

"On the parameter choice for the Non-Local Means."
Vincent Duval, Jean-Francois Aujol, Yann Gousseau

PP CMLA 2010-07 (3 mai 2010)

"A characterization of sets with finite perimeter via their covariogram." Bruno Galerne

PP CMLA 2010-08 (9 mai 2005)

"Global Classical Solutions Close to Equilibrium to the Vlasov-Euler-Fokker-Planck System." J. A. Carrillo, R. Duan, A. Moussa

PP CMLA 2010-09 (10 mai 2010)

"Optimal branching asymmetry of hydrodynamic pulsatile
Magali Florens, Bernard Sapoval and Marcel Filoche

PP CMLA 2010-10 (7 juin 2010)

"Block matching reaches theoretical accuracy bounds" N. Sabater , J.-M. Morel , A. Almansa

PP CMLA 2010-11 (11 juin 2010)

"Discarding moving objects in quasi-simultaneous stereovision" N. Sabater , J.-M. Morel, G. Blanchet , A. Almansa

PP CMLA 2010-12 (14 juin 2010)

"Towards high-precision lens distortion correction."
R. Grompone von Gioi, P. Monasse, J.-M. Morel and Z. Tang

PP CMLA 2010-13 (19 juillet 2010)

"A lightweight three-phase Fluid Catalytic Cracking riser
model for real-time simulation and interactive three-dimensional visualization."
F. De Vuyst, L. Desvillettes, B. Froge, J.-M. Ghidaglia, C. Labourdette, P. Ricoux

PP CMLA 2010-14 (22 juillet 2010)

"Asymptotics of steady states of a selection mutation equation for small mutation rate." Angel Calsina, Silvia Cuadrado, Laurent Desvillettes, Gael Raoul

PP CMLA 2010-15 (27 juillet 2010)

"The Transparent Dead Leaves Process."
Bruno Galerne and Yann Gousseau

PP CMLA 2010-16 (29 juillet 2010)

"A BGK-type model for inelastic Boltzmann equations with internal energy" Aude Champmartin, Laurent Desvillettes, Julien Mathiaud

PP CMLA 2010-17 (14 juin 2011)

"On a novel expression of the field scattered by an arbitrary impedance plane." J.M.L. Bernard

PP CMLA 2010-18 (7 octobre 2010)

"Energy minimization methods." Mila Nikolova

PP CMLA 2010-19 (7 octobre 2010)

"On L1 data fitting and nonconvex nonsmooth regularization for image recovery." Mila Nikolova, Michael K. Ng and Chi-Pan Tam

PP CMLA 2010-20 ( 20 octobre 2010)

"A totally Eulerian Finite Volume solver for multi-material fluid flows : Enhanced Natural Interface Positioning (ENIP)."
R. Loubere, J.-P. Braeunig, J.-M. Ghidaglia

PP CMLA 2010-21 (10 novembre 2010)

"Propagation d'un choc dans un milieu bicouche." D. Elbaz, F. Dias, B. Canaud, S. Jaouen, P. Ballereau, G. Jourdan, L. Houas
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PP CMLA 2010-22 (16 novembre 2010)

"A numerical scheme for the scalar pressureless gases system."
L. Boudin, J. Mathiaud

PP CMLA 2010-23 (23 novembre 2010)

"Kinetic Modelling of the Transport of Dust Particles in a Rarefied Atmosphere." F. Charles, S. Dellacherie, J. Segre

PP CMLA 2010-24 (2 décembre 2010)

"Riemann invariant solutions of the isentropic fluid flow equations." Robert Conte, A.Michel Grundland, Benoit Huard

PP CMLA 2010-25 (2 décembre 2010)

"Meromorphic solutions of a third order nonlinear differential equation." Robert Conte, Patrick Ng Tuen-Wai

PP CMLA 2010-26 (2 décembre 2010)

"A connection between the cubic Henon-Heiles system and Korteweg-de Vries equation with one source."
Zhao Jun-xiao, Robert Conte

PP CMLA 2010-27 (17 décembre 2010)

"The optimal branching asymmetry of a bidirectional distribution tree." Magali Florens, Bernard Sapoval and Marcel Filoche

PP CMLA 2010-28 (17 décembre 2010)

"An anatomical and functional model of the human tracheobronchial tree." Magali Florens, Bernard Sapoval and Marcel Filoche