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BiMoDyM - References

BiMoDyM: Bibliographic References


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  • The First Prix of The Royal Chemical Society at the Molecular Simulation and Visualisations, Faraday Discussion' -2014 at Nottingham (UK) for the method and results presented in [1].

  • The paper reported the recognition of the Chaperone Hsp70 by the Globins was published in Nature 2014, Aug 24. doi: 10.1038/nature13614 [5].

  • In 2015, our study of allostery [1], [4], [10-12] the method development and its application to proteins was recognized by International Innovation ( as "an important contribution to the innovative strategy of clinical and therapeutic interest".

  • Our entire results on allostery were considered as "very interesting and impressive" and was published in Receptors & Clinical Investigation [13].

  • The paper [10] was choice "to be featured in the World Biomedical Frontiers, because of its innovation and potential for significant impact" [11].

  • The keynote/plenary lecture (L. Tchertanov) at the 3rd International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery & Designing. October 02-04, 2017 Vienna, Austria.