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MathSV Master degree

The master program "Mathematics for Life Sciences" (MathSV)  offers a complete and structured training in Mathematics at the interface with Life Sciences (biology, medicine, ecology). It was launched in September 2012.

Its originality lies in its high level in mathematics, the wide range of mathematical tools treated, and the diversity of the proposed specialisations in modeling the living.
  • The first trimester provides a strong common background in applied mathematics (PDE, dynamical systems, stochastic processes, statistical learning, optimization, numerics) and the key concepts of life sciences.
  • The main current issues and challenges in biology, medicine and ecology are presented in a weekly seminar.
  • The second term offers 4 specialties : (i) Models in Ecology and Evolution , (ii) System biology and statistical learning, (iii) Biomechanics, (iv) Mathematics for neuroimaging.
  • The interactions with biologists, ecologists and physicians are favored by the weekly seminar, the annual project and the research internship (last term).

A large number of propositions of internships in biology labs (much larger than the number of students) shows that this Master meets existing needs of large extent.

The Master 2 MathSV is dedicated to the training of students already having a master 1 in Mathematics (or an equivalent foreign diploma), and who want to work in the future in collaborations with biologists or physicians. It can also be followed by students with a training in biology, physics or medicine, provided that they have a strong familiarity with mathematics.


Institutional Partners

  • Université Paris-Sud,
  • ENS Cachan,
  • Ecole Polytechnique.
Strong links with : AgroParisTech/INRA, FMJH fundation, and Labex LMH.