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Research at CMLA

CMLA is entirely dedicated to the field of efficiently applied mathematics in the context of numerical simulation, modeling of real fluids and waves, signal processing in biology/image/sound, and complex data processing and predictive modeling.

CMLA FlagShip Projects

Reproducible Research : Image Processing OnLine

IPOL is an open access peer reviewed online journal & demonstrator in image processing: integrating software development in a new publishing model.
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"SHIVA" : Shared Interactive Virtual Area

Equipex awarded equipment DIGISCOPE.
High-end visualization and interaction room involving a large stereoscopic display wall with a 3D tracking device system and a 3D sound system facility.

High performance computing in the office

CMLA awarded NVIDIA CUDA research center in 2013 for its projects on many-core and high performance computing "in the office".

 GPU project simulating complex fluids dynamics

ERC Grants

The European Research Council (ERC)
encourages high quality research in Europe through competitive funding.