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CMLA : Trends in History

The ENS Cachan stands among the three scientific Ecole Normale Supérieures (ENS), those being Lyon, Paris and Cachan.

Founded in 1912, the Ecole normale supérieure de Cachan (ENS Cachan) is one of the famous French Grandes Écoles, which are considered the pinnacle of French higher education system.

In January 1989, a chair in applied mathematics was created with the goal of developing a laboratory in this subject area. Jean-Michel Ghidaglia took up this position in September 1989.
The Center for Mathematical Studies and their Applications (CMLA)
was then created on the 1st of January 1990 with two main themes of research. One in the field of Applied Probability and one on Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) with two directions: theory and applications.

Since 1993, and with the impulse of Robert Azencott, a hub centered on signal/image processing and artificial intelligence grew progressively and was further reinforced with the arrival of Jean-Michel Morel and Yves Meyer.

Along the last twenty years, the scientific themes within the CMLA have evolved more and more towards applied research in parallel with a focus on the digital revolution in science and industry.

Main Achievements in the past 5 years

  • GAUSS prize 2010 for Yves Meyer
  • Yves Meyer elected in 2014 as Foreign Associate Member at the US National Academy of Science
  • INRIA/Académie des Sciences Grand Prize 2013 for Jean-Michel Morel
  • IEEE EAB Vice President Award 2013 for Yves Meyer
  • INRIA Prize Montpetit 2010 for Mila Nikolova
  • IUF fellowships for L. Desvillettes (2007-2012), and Jean-Michel Morel (2010-)
  • Investissement d'Avenir DIGISCOPE Equipment award (700K€) 2010 - Displaywall room
  • ANR best project Award 2013 (Project MANUREVA, PI F. Dias)
  • A. Trouvé was in 2010 one of the 6 plenary speakers at the SIAM Conference of Imaging Science
  • D. Mumford and A. Desolneux have written a book on Pattern Theory (published in 2010 by AKPeters - now CRC press)
  • Participation to the labex LMH (ENS Cachan is a member of the Idex Paris-Saclay), Laurent Desvillettes co-director of FMJH
  • NVIDIA CUDA Research Center Award 2013 (F. De Vuyst)
  • The 2011 paper Scale Space Meshing of Raw Data Point Sets is distinguished at the Tenth Anniversary of the Symposium on Geometry Processing. Plenary conference by Julie Digne on the theme of this paper. 2012: Best PhD award for Julie Digne, Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard.
  • The affine invariant image recognition method ASIFT (invented by Jean-Michel Morel and Guoshen Yu) wins the Chinese-French 2012 competition for entrepreneurship and, Grand Prix among 48 competitors.
  • Jean-Michel Morel invited in 2013 to a lecture at International Mathematical Conference (ICM 2014) in section 17: Mathematics in Science and Technology.
  • The denoising clinic integrated in DxO Pro image processing software.
  • Thesis awards 2012 (FMJH Julie Digne), 2013 (Conseil general du Val-de-Marne D. Chauveheid, FMJH Y. Tendero)
  • Development of the IPOL platform (since 2009) - IPOL was selected in the Elsevier Executable Paper Grand Challenge (ICCS, June 1-3, 2011)
  • Organization of the biennial workshop Etats de la Recherche of the French Mathematical Society (SMF) at Institut Henri Poincaré in 2011 on Learning Theory (N. Vayatis)
  • Work on tsunamis related by the Economist and the MIT Tech Review (T. Stefanakis)
  • Patent and spin-off on scoring and ranking complex high dimensional data (N. Vayatis)
  • N. Vayatis was invited to give a plenary talk at Journées MAS in 2012