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Training for and through Research at CMLA

The CMLA highly contributes to training for and through research in relation with the  ENS de Cachan Department of Mathematics . All CMLA faculty members have strong commitment and concern for designing and refining the core of training programs.

Graduate Research Programs : 3 Master degrees

MathSV : Mathematics for Life Sciences

Students funded by the  FMJH are also elligible for these programs. FMJH provides funding for graduate research programs integrating the entire French mathematical community, for post-doctoral programs (with a focus on international exchange), and for invited positions for researchers and post-docs. etc.


By developping pioneer initiative like internship for undergraduates, and offering our students embedded tangible approach of active research, CMLA became a leading learning center within but also beyond the field of applied mathematics. Because of its own philosophy for efficiently applied mathematics, intentionally oriented towards real-life applications and industrial needs, the CMLA regularly provides updated industry-oriented training programs.

Doctoral Studies

Thematic School in Numerical Simulation

Supported by CMLA LRC MESO joint lab. with CEA. It deals with general mathematical and numerical aspects for hydrodynamics, including topics like :
Lagrange-remap schemes, ALE methods, interface reconstruction methods, interface capturing methods, fluid-particle coupling, multimaterial flows, turbulence of compressible flows, uncertainty quantification, etc.

Cargese Workshop

The CMLA annual meeting on Fluid dynamics, held every September at the CNRS Institute in Cargèse, Corsica, gives opportunity to PhD students to present their resulsts and prepare for internationl conferences...