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BiMoDyM: Bioinformatics, Molecular Dynamics and Modeling

Our research activity is highly interdisciplinary and principally focused on two axes :

Modelling/Simulation and Biology/Clinical Research

Our models provide new concepts for developing novel molecules (modulators) enable to control abnormal molecular processes associated with serious diseases (cancer, blood maladies, inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases... ).
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Modelling/Simulation and Mathematics

We use theoretical and computational methods to advance our understanding of the structure, dynamics and function of biological macromolecular systems at the atomic level.
BiMoDyM New Computational Methods:


Simulation of molecular dynamics (MD) provides detailed information about the time course of the atomic motions, which is nearly impossible to access experimentally. The numerical representation of molecular motion yields atomic level understanding of cellular process - signal transduction, transcription control, motor work, channel gating, enzyme catalysis, etc.

We develop new computational approaches enable to fill the "gap" from numerical atomistic description to biophysics and to biofunctions.

RTK mutations in Cancer Biology

Cell signaling by the receptor Tyrosine Kinase KIT (Extract)