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CSFW : Complex Systems, Fluids & Waves

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Dias & Vayatis paper (July 2013) : Can Small Islands Protect Nearby Coasts From Tsunamis? An Active Experimental Design Approachon cited by the MIT Tech Review and The Economist : Modelling tsunamis, the dangers of insularity... 
Co-author Thémistoklis S. Stefanakis just held this September a PhD defense dissertation on : Tsunami Amplification Phenomena

Frédéric DIAS research on Rogue Waves and Tsunamis echoing the GIEC 2013 report by contributing to a Met Éireann major study on the future of Ireland's climate.

In line with the Manureva Rogue Waves project (awarded multidisciplinary best project in April 2013 by the ANR), the ERC granted program MultiWaves aims at discovering what optics combined with mathematics is doing for the science of non linear waves research. Read more...


Modeling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of complex fluid-like problems involved in industrial and engineering applications. Target companies are those where numerical simulation is a key factor of competitiveness and innovation. Among regular and loyal industrial companies, let us mention CEA, TOTAL, ENI, GTT and VEOLIA.


Recurrent scientific themes for which CMLA gained international recognition are : mathematical modeling of complex physical phenomena, multiphase flows and waves, kinetic modeling, finite volume discretization, numerical analysis and scientific computing. 
New research themes are the kinetic modeling of biological processes, or the design of numerical methods of manycore coprocessors (including graphics processing units GPU and CPU-based manycores like Intel Xeon Phi).


  • Kinetic Equations for complex fluids
  • Kinetic and Singular Parabolic Equations for Mathematical Biology
  • Antidiffusive interface capturing for gas-liquid immiscible fluid flows
  • CFD Computing with real time visualization and human Interaction
  • Hydrodynamic waves
  • Attenuation of detonation waves by aqueous foams
  • Evaluation of impact pressures during sloshing
  • Simulation of industrial multi-material flows
  • Mathematical analysis of numerical schemes


  • Junior fellowship IUF for Laurent Desvillettes, 2007-2012
  • Investissement d'Avenir DIGISCOPE Equipment award 2010 (displaywall room)
  • ANR best project Award 2013 (Project MANUREVA, PI Frédéric Dias)
  • NVIDIA CUDA Research Center Award 2013 (Florian De Vuyst)
  • Best PhD Thesis award 2013 (Daniel Chauveheid, Jean-Michel Ghidaglia supervisor)


More Videos

LRC MESO Joint Lab: Mesoscopic Simulation

Joint Lab with CEA : French commission for alternate energies and the atome, is hosted at CMLA since 2005.

NVIDIA grants

CMLA awarded CUDA research center in 2013 for its projects on many-core and high performance computing "in the office"


High-end visualization and interaction room involving a large stereoscopic display wall with a 3D tracking device system and a 3D sound system facility. More...

ANR Programs

Master degree M2S

See the Modeling and Simulation Master (M2S) page...

Cargese Workshop

Annual Meeting on Fluid dynamics, held every September at the CNRS Institute in Cargèse, Corsica.